Frequently Asked Questions

Do you paint cabinets?
We don’t use paint products – instead, we refinish cabinets with a high-quality finish called conversion varnish that’s much more durable than a latex- or oil-based paint. It achieves the same solid color but holds up much better through heat, moisture, and use! We use a professional spray gun for a smooth finish.
How long does a complete kitchen refinish take?
Most complete kitchen refinishing projects take between three and five days depending on the size and complexity of the project.
How much will it cost to refinish my cabinets?

The cost depends on the size and specifics of the kitchen. Please contact us if you are interested in getting an estimate.

Can you provide new cabinet doors for me?

Yes, we can provide new cabinet doors as a part of a refinishing project or on their own. Most of our clients who replace their doors get new shaker style doors, but there are other options as well. Please contact us for more information.

If I refinish my kitchen cabinets, will I be able to use my kitchen during my refinishing project?

We know it is difficult to be without your kitchen, so we minimize the amount of time your kitchen will be off-limits. You should plan for your kitchen to be inaccessible for about three days, but in many cases, that time is shorter. 

I painted my cabinets, and the paint is starting to chip and peel. Can you help me?
This is a common problem with painted cabinets, and it is why we don’t use paint. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to refinish cabinets that have paint on them. The paint has to be stripped completely, which is a very time- and labor-intensive process. If you’re not sure what type of product is on your cabinets, please get in touch with us. 
Where are you located, and what areas do you serve?

We are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we serve Chattanooga and the surrounding communities. Our office and workshop are on Rossville Boulevard. If you are planning to visit our office, please schedule a time for your visit. 

Do you do tile, countertops, or flooring?
No, we do not do tile, countertops, or flooring.
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